Villa Tanger

Discover the Villa Tanger, a sumptuous guest house that combines Moroccan authenticity and modern comfort.

Villa Meknes

The Villa Meknes subtly merges the essence of the past and modernity.

Villa Fes

The Villa Fes reflects a perfect alliance between tradition and modernity.

Villa Agadir

The Villa Agadir reveals a perfect harmony between authenticity and modernity.

Bab Aghmat Suite

The Bab Aghmat Suite is a spacious and comfortable room offering panoramic views of Janat Al Atlas.

Bab Doukkala Suite

The Bab Doukkala Suite is a spacious and bright room, equipped with a large double bed and a separate seating area for more privacy.

Bab Aylen Suite

The Bab Aylen Suite offers stunning panoramic views of the Janat Al Atlas complex to fully enjoy your stay in Marrakech.

Bab Khemiss Suite

The Bab Khemiss Suite is an elegant suite that showcases Moroccan craftsmanship.

Bab Jdid Suite

The Bab Jdid Suite is designed to transport you to the history and tradition of Marrakech.

Bab Taghzout Suite

The Bab Taghzout Suite is an elegant suite that showcases Moroccan charm.

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